Harvest Hosts Review 3: Freedom Run Winery in Lockport, New York

Day three of our 12 day road trip from Maine to Texas was quite a journey. We drove 217 miles from Thousand Islands Winery to Freedom Run Winery. We once again we’re able to stay at this amazing location thanks to our Harvest Hosts membership. Only 30 minutes to Niagara Falls, and a private spot overlooking a beautiful vineyard for the night can’t be beat.

Larry, the administrative manager, was incredibly friendly and helpful. While we were setting up he came over and checked on us to see if we needed anything. When we went inside for a tasting, he let us know we could bring our dog over. He also offered to let us fill up our water, which we happily took him up on.

Freedom Run Winery Review

Number of Spots

According to the Harvest Hosts website Freedom Run Winery (check them out here) allows for 4 Harvest Hosts members at a time. Being the early risers that we are, we were the first Harvest Hosts members to arrive. By the time night approached there were 3 other units parked nearby, with plenty of room for at least 2 or 3 more!


The parking area for Harvest Host Members to set up is a bit disconnected from the tasting room. 200’ past the tasting room (or before depending on your arrival direction) is the driveway for Harvest Host Members. It’s a bout a 500’ driveway that brings you past a farm house and puts you right next to a relatively large barn. The parking area is sloped away from the road and provides a great view of the vineyards.

How level was the ground?

While the parking area was on a slope, it was gradual enough that leveling was a piece of cake. There was a spot at the top of the hill that was pretty level and as you went down toward the vineyard the slope seemed to increase.

Things to do at Freedom Run Winery

Niagara Falls is only 30 minutes away so naturally, as soon we had Arie set up we set off. This post isn’t about Niagara Falls though! So, what can you do at Freedom Run Winery? The obvious option is to do a wine tasting. As I mentioned earlier, their tasting room is superb and gets bonus points for being pet friendly.

You’ll find beer on tap, liquor and a selection of gifts such as jams, jellies and art in the tasting room. As well as a full menu and if you are lucky enough to stay on Friday, a fish fry. Unfortunately, our schedule didn’t have us eating there but we heard great things about their food.

Lastly, I strongly suggest taking a stroll down the vineyards. It had been quite dry when we were there so the small road leading to the vineyards was quite dusty. It really is a beautiful piece of land with a nice breeze to keep it cool. Larry told us that the winery got it’s name from the freedom trail that passed through where it now sits. During the 1800s fugitive slaves used the land to travel up to the Niagara River which would lead them to Canada and their eventual freedom.

Can you use a generator?

Yes! However, as always, be courteous to your neighbors! We used ours during the afternoon and into the early evening just long enough so that we could get some work done and have charged laptops for the next day. We have a relatively loud generator so we tried not to use it more than we needed to.

What is there to do near Freedom Run Winery?

Did I mention that Niagara Falls is only 30 minutes away? Oh, I did? Well, just in case you forgot, Niagara Falls is only 30 minutes away! We left to explore the falls just after setting up. We picked up lunch, a delicious, huge, and expensive vegan cheese pizza from Mario’s Pizza near the falls. After that it was 10 minutes to Goat Island to park and walk over to the falls.

If you’d rather spend your time drinking wine there are also a number of other wineries in the area. In fact, you could visit 5 other wineries with no more than 15 minutes of driving between them. Freedom run winery is also part of the Niagara Wine Trail, a collection of 21 wineries spread across the Niagara Escarpment.


Overall, we loved Freedom Run Winery. A lovely place to park for the night, beautiful tasting room, and proximity to Niagara Falls (I’m sorry, I had to mention it again!) make this a fantastic Harvest Hosts stop.

Space ★★★★★
Generator  ✔
Money spent: $28 // $30
What we bought: Wine tasting and two glasses of wine // 1 huge vegan cheese pizza at Mario’s Pizza (I told you it was expensive).

➵ Justin


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