Harvest Hosts Review 2: Thousand Islands Winery in Alexandria Bay, New York

Day two of our 12 day road trip from Maine to Texas we drove from Colchester, Vermont to Thousand Islands Winery in Alexandria Bay, New York. Day one we had a hiccup of not being able to charge our laptops and day two wasn’t without it’s hiccup either!

Justin and I were chatting so much about who knows what and the next thing we know, we’re approaching Canadian border patrol! We completely missed our exit on the highway and instead came pretty close to going into Canada for the night. Fortunately there was a turn-around area for people who clearly aren’t paying attention to where they are so we were able to turn ourselves around before needing to figure out where our passports were.

After that small hiccup and lots of laughs, the trip was pretty smooth sailing along the Canadian border. We drove 205 miles (plus a few extra to wave to Canada) to Thousand Islands Winery and we would love to visit them again sometime! You can learn more about them and their wine here.

Thousand Islands Winery Review

Number of Spots

While the Harvest Hosts website says there are 2 spots available, our travel trailer was one of three parked at this Harvest Hosts location. While we were there they weren’t too busy and the parking area is huge so they definitely have the space to accomodate multiple rigs (even larger rigs, too).


Thousand Islands Winery is right off of the highway but you wouldn’t know it. The parking area is a giant field surrounded by farmland (possibly hay), grape vines, and the winery / barn. It was quiet and far enough away from the highway that you didn’t feel like you were in a concrete jungle. On one side of the trailer there was so much space between us and anything else that Justin took out his drone to get a video from above. (He hasn’t been able to do this is many places so that was a total win!)

How level was the ground?

Not very level! The field was super bumpy with divets everywhere. We didn’t have enough leveling blocks or wood so we ended up a bit crooked. Definitely not ideal for long term stay but since this was just an overnight stop, we decided to just deal with it.

Things to Do at Thousand Islands Winery

Wineries have been our go-to places when it comes to boondocking through Harvest Hosts. So… we’ve done A LOT of wine tastings. None of the wine has been really bad but some of it has been way overpriced when comparing the quality and taste to other wineries.

Thousand Islands Winery was the first winery we’ve stayed at through Harvest Hosts and it was truly one of the best. 10 tastings cost only $5! That’s dirt cheap. But that doesn’t mean the wine wasn’t good… the wine was awesome! The lady working actually let me taste 12 wines because after I tried 10 I was super interested in the wine slushies behind the counter… Any winery that lets you taste more than is allowed within the wine tasting and only costs $5, is a winery that I want to visit!

That’s the first thing you should do at Thousand Islands Winery; enjoy a wine tasting! If you’re not into wine and would prefer beer, they had beer tastings, too. And if you’re not into wine or beer and would prefer liquor, they had liquor tastings for ya!

While you’re doing your wine, beer, or liquor tasting make sure to check out their shop, too. They sell a ton of cute wine themed decor, gifts, and clothing.

Can you use a generator?

Sure can! Make sure you double check with the owners or employees inside before you use yours and always make sure that you don’t run it at night if your generator is loud (like ours) and you have neighbors.

What is there to do near Thousand Islands Winery?

After the wine tasting and not yet having eaten dinner, I was feeling a bit too buzzed to venture off the property. We also were getting up early the next morning to head off to our next Harvest Hosts location, Freedom Run Winery, so we didn’t have time to experience the real 1,000 Islands.

If you’ve never heard of the 1,000 Islands before (let’s face it, I hadn’t until we happened to stay at a Harvest Hosts there), it’s a group of over 1,800 islands that straddle the border of the US and Canada. According to the 1,000 Islands website pirates used to patrol the waters within the islands! If you’re staying at Thousand Islands Winery or in the nearby area and have the time, definitely hop on a boat tour to one of the islands. Golf, guided tours, dining are just a few of the things you can experience at the 1,000 Islands.


Not only for the $5 wine tastings but also to experience the true 1,000 Islands, we would 100% visit Thousand Islands Winery again!

Space ★★★★★
Generator ✔
Money spent: $10
What we bought: Wine tasting

➵ Kristen


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