Harvest Hosts Review 1: Sam Mazza’s Farm Market in Colchester, Vermont

The first day of our 12 day road trip from Maine to Texas we drove 193 miles to Colchester, Vermont. We stayed at Sam Mazza’s Farm Market using our Harvest Hosts membership and honestly, didn’t take advantage of everything it had to offer.

The plan was to work when we got there since ya know… it was a Monday and we spent all weekend hanging out with family and friends and not thinking about work one bit. But when we got there we ran into our first hiccup. We had no way to charge our laptops!

For some reason, our USBs work off our travel trailer’s battery but the outlets don’t. And I don’t know about your laptop but ours don’t charge using USB ports. We need good old fashioned outlets to keep our laptops powered. The frustrating thing was that we knew this.

The first night we spent in our trailer we unknowingly weren’t plugged into the power. I went to go to bed, put my phone charger into the outlet and nothing happened. I was convinced we spent a shit ton of money on a trailer that was broken. Justin (who is usually more logical in situations like this) went outside and spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why the outlets wouldn’t work.

The heat was working fine (but runs on gas), the USBs were working fine, the fridge was running (also runs on gas if needed) and even the lights all worked. All this made my short lived freakout rational in my mind.

What really happened? The switch wasn’t flipped in the fuse box. Justin flipped the switch, crisis averted. We had power and working outlets. So WE KNEW THE OUTLETS DIDN’T WORK on battery. And we totally forgot.

So instead of working we went generator shopping (which Maggie loved because she got to go inside Home Depot and get pet by strangers that she thought were her friends). And then instead of working AFTER we got the generator, we hung out with friends we hadn’t seen in a while.

But back to Sam Mazza’s and what it was like!

Sam Mazza’s Farm Market Review

Number of Spots

According to the Harvest Hosts website, Sam Mazza’s Farm Market allows for 2 Harvest Hosts members at a time. Buuut, when we got there the lady behind the register made it sound like they take up to 4 at a time (don’t quote me on that but they definitely have the space for it).


Where we set up, there was a small apple orchard on one side, a corn field in front of us, and a huge open field on the other side. It smelled exactly like a cold fall day (even though it wasn’t even close to being cold) every time we walked out of the trailer and next to the apple orchard. The perfect smell to remember New England by!

How level was the ground?

Out of all the Harvest Hosts locations we stayed at during this road trip, Sam Mazza’s was one of the best for how level the ground was. There was no need to use leveling blocks or wood boards to even us out right to left which was awesome. The entire field where RVs could park appeared to be pretty level .

Things to Do at Sam Mazza’s Farm Market

Like I mentioned, we didn’t take advantage of everything Sam Mazza’s Farm Market had to offer. Mostly because we had friends who lived nearby and we wanted to spend time with them before we left New England but also because we had no idea how much stuff you could do there. Here’s a list of things you can do at Sam Mazza’s Farm Market:

  • Petting zoo
  • Pick your own bouquet of flowers
  • Pick your own berries
  • Farmers market
  • Gift shop

The gift shop was really cute and had tons of home goods type things inside. We ended up buying some fresh produce from their outdoor farmers market (plus some candy because who can go on a road trip without candy).

Can you use a generator?

It’s well established now that we didn’t have a generator while we were there but the answer is yes, you can absolutely use a generator at this Harvest Host location. I would even say it’s OK to use the generator at night because where the RVs park is a good distance away from the neighboring house. But of course, ask before you do this!

What is there to do near Sam Mazza’s Farm Market?

Sam Mazza’s Farm Market was less than 30 minutes from Burlington, VT. If you’re in the area Church Street is a must stop place! It’s an open air mall that has a bunch of great places to window shop (a lot of the stores are expensive) and eat dinner (or ice cream).

The weather was perfect so we walked up and down the street before stopping at Gaku Ramen for dinner. This place brought me back to Thailand. The ramen was delicious! Just as a side note for anyone who likes spicy, if you ask them to put the spice on the side they’ll bring you out way too much spicy sauce. Take it from me and don’t just scoop half of it into your ramen. There’s a chance you’ll inhale the spice and almost die from coughing/sweating/crying. We also split a bottle of sake because… why not? (But sake doesn’t help with cooling your mouth down.)

After dinner we grabbed some Ben and Jerry’s because it’s Vermont and if you’re in Vermont you have to get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

Besides eating and shopping, there’s some pretty cool street art on the side of the brick buildings and not too far down the road is a park.


Overall, we loved Sam Mazza’s Farm Market. It was the perfect first stop on our road trip.

Space ★★★★★
Generator ✔
Money spent: $12
What we bought: Teavana iced tea, tomatoes, cucumber, sour patch kids, and coffee

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Just a heads up, this blog contains affiliate links! We don’t and won’t ever promote a product or service we don’t use ourselves. Your experience doesn’t change at all but using our link might give us a little kickback to help us keep our blog up and running. And you know what, we appreciate it!